Sever’s Disease in young child

My son started showing signs of Sever’s Disease as a two-year-old. That is when his left heel first became painful to touch. Since he was taking gymnastics classes, it was first diagnosed as a sports related injury. The pain never improved and by the time my son was four, you couldn’t touch the back of his left heel without causing him to scream from pain. At this point, we were referred to a specialist and Sever’s was diagnosed. My son is now seven and still is in daily pain. My son has not been pain free for even one day since this started. His heel always has the bump from inflammation on the back. His heel always hurts to be touched. We’ve had to explain to his teachers and care givers that if he screams suddenly and loudly, it is probably because he hit his heel on something. We stopped the gymnastics and he now only plays baseball in the spring for 3 months. He is in no other sports.